B-BBEE Policy

CA Brand Civil Engineering is part of the construction sector and believes in a positive and proactive response through the implementing of the Codes of Good Practice.  

This would address inequalities in the sector and unlock the sector's potential and enhance its growth.

CA Brand's goal is to be actively involved and promote Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment over the

next 3 years in the following areas:

Achieve a substantial change in the racial and gender composition of management control.

Promote the advancement of employment equity in our company and adherence to principles of non-racialism and non-sexism.

Address skills in a manner that accelerates the advancement of black people, with a particular emphasis on learner ships, technical and management training.

Increase our procurement by applying pressure and assisting all suppliers to have a BEE rating.

Enhance entrepreneurial development and promote the sustainable growth on a micro BEE enterprise.

Contribute financially and with the necessary expertise and help to develop black rural areas, and give those children and equal chance to become young bright stars in the future.

B-BBEE Strategy:

As a company that is part of the construction sector for the past 30 years, we prefer internal promotions.  For this reason the directors of CA Brand have identified employees to get involved in management duties.

Our Employment Equity is currently Level 3 and we are continuously improving our Employment Equity Plan with all the training courses attended by our employees.

The past financial year we have spend more than R350 000 training our black employees and leaderships.

In terms of our procurement, we are actively involved in helping and assisting all our suppliers to become B-BBEE compliant.

We are very proud to welcome GEMD Security and Rex Mohlala (Moon Plant Construction) in our family. They are some of the New Enterprises that CA Brand assists.  Hopefully with our current assistance they will become financially independent from us in the future, as we are assisting them in all aspects of their business.

CA Brand contributed 2.8% of their profits by helping and donating to people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.  We provide free accommodation to most of our staff.  All transport to the workplace is provided by CA Brand.  The Gateway Children Society is very close to our hearts and we will keep on contributing to these children's lives.

We also help build a school named Ennis Thabong Primary School in Ifafi.  We donated > R285 000.00 and are currently still investing in those black learners future.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Rating

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