The Ennis Thabong Primary School is situated in the Ifafi area, Hartbeespoortdam.  The School realized the need to create a facility for the pre-school children in the area.  An American organization got involved and converted and shipped 3 containers to the school.  At that point CA Brand and some other contractors got involved.

CA Brand approached some of the contractors that we do business with on regular bases.  We are very proud to say that every contractor agreed to be part of this project without any hesitation.

Some Facts:

Multi Construction Chemicals donated floor hardener.

Callanda Roofing donated sheeting.

ENI Supplies donated soil and machines to do all earthworks required.

Buildline Projects donated all labour to do the brickwork and plastering and some building materials.

CA Brand purchased materials required for the project, supplied transport as well as labour and management.

Thus, we are very proud to state that we have contributed > R285 000.00 towards the project.

We feel it was a wonderful initiative from DRA Mineral Projects to get involved in such a fulfilling project.